Fall 2019 Recruitment Week

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First off, if you are an incoming Freshman or a transfer student, we would like to congratulate you on admission into the University of Alabama at Birmingham. You're coming to a school that is changing the world in education, research, health care, community service and economic development; we are so glad that you are now a part of this community.

Phi Gamma Delta at UAB is a part of the Interfraternity Council (IFC.) It is is the governing body for fraternities on campus. Below you will find the dates of the IFC Recruitment Week. This is an excellent time for you to meet all Nine of the Fraternities and find out where you best fit.

Wed. 9/12 - Meet the Chapters

  • Location: Hill Student Center

  • The Presidents will give a presentation on each chapter and you will have a chance to meet men from each of the chapters

Thurs. 9/13 - Recruitment Night

Fri. 9/14 - Invite Night

  • Location: Chapter’s choosing to be determined (6pm - 8pm)

  • Potential members will receive a schedule as to where they are invited back to that morning

Sat. 9/15 - Bid Day

  • May pick up bids from 9am - 12pm in the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, Suite 230 at the Hill Student Center

  • May receive a bid from multiple fraternities and chooses one

For more information about Recruitment Week click here. 

Recruitment Chairman

Jordan Archer 

Cell: (205)915-7969

Email: jarchyy19@gmail.com


What is Recruitment?

Fraternity life at UAB provides friendships, leadership, service, and academic opportunities. Joining the fraternity community at UAB is an excellent opportunity to become involved with intramurals, service projects, and student life as a whole. The Greek system at UAB is a united community showing support and accountability to each member. Becoming Greek at UAB gives you opportunities to become very successful in your college career and life as you reach higher in your academic goals.

What is a Fiji Gentleman?

A Fiji Gentleman or Phi Gam is committed to achieving excellence in all he does by focusing on his studies, being hardworking, and honest. He gives back to his community and values the bond between he and his brothers. A Fiji Gentleman embraces diversity and loves his university. A Fiji comes from all walks of life, but all are held to values of a higher standard.

Why become a Phi Gam at UAB?

Phi Gam's are courageous leaders all around the world. It is no different here at UAB, where the Fraternity is amongst one of the most diverse campuses in the Nation. Phi Gamma Delta provides many leadership programs as well as leadership positions. From day one, pledges are asked to select a committee to work with and share their voice.

Phi Gam's at UAB focus on scholarship. The Delta Colony has become committed to providing a competitive academic environment. Spring 2015, Phi Gamma Delta at UAB was recognized for having the highest GPA out of the Inter Fraternity Council as well as was recognized by International Headquarters for its excellent grades.

Phi Gam's overall do not haze. The reason for this is because we require every member to complete numerous programs that educates each member on the topics of: healthy relationships, consent, sexual assault prevention, safe social environments, bystander intervention, alcohol awareness, harm-reduction, as well as programs that use evidence based research.

Phi Gam's offer members the closest thing to home that can be found on campuses. This is what we like to call brotherhood. With brotherhood, Phi Gam's are able to hold each other accountable and encourage each other for life. Here in FIJI, we provide a lifelong membership.

How to become a Phi Gam at UAB?

Hopefully by now you have met a few brothers and filled out the 'Become a FIJI Gentleman Form' Throughout the summer we will do our best to stay in contact with you and answer all of your questions. In the fall, you must attend Fall Recruitment Week; this solidifies your decision on going Greek at UAB. We look forward to the many conversations and wish you the best of luck during recruitment!