Joining a Fraternity

Research on membership in Greek organizations reveals many positive outcomes:

  • Higher graduation rate
  • Greater campus involvement and engagement
  • A more positive view of the college experience
  • Greater financial support to alma mater
  • Greater personal development


Recruitment is the lifeblood of the Fraternity. Without it, none of us would have been lead to make such a significant decision that would impact our lives. Part of the mission of Phi Gamma Delta is to bring into our chapters and colonies more men who fit our ideals and values, to perpetuate the good name of Phi Gamma Delta all across North America. 

For more information about our recruitment or our legacy policy, please visit our Recruitment page.

The Pledge Experience

The pledge experience in Phi Gamma Delta should be positive and productive. Each chapter’s pledge program should emphasize a sound academic grounding and the development of friendships among all pledges and initiated members.

For more information, read the Pledge’s Bill of Rights.

Financial Commitment

Triple A Scholarship

The Foundation's Triple A, a $250 scholarship available to newly initiated members of Phi Gamma Delta who earn a 3.2 GPA during their pledging semester. Statistics show that people who start their academic careers with high GPAs are more likely to graduate with higher GPAs and graduate from the same school.

New Member Fee (one-time fee): $70, due at time of pledging

Initiation Fee (one-time fee): $252.50, due at time of initiation

Cost includes the fraternity badge, membership certificate, opportunities for educational scholarships and grants, and membership dues for the first year.

Chapter Dues: $525 a semester 

Cost is used to cover all major operating expenses, such as recruitment events, supplies, publications, graduate events, insurance, training programs, etc

No Hazing Policy

There is no place for hazing in Phi Gamma Delta. If you ever have any concern about your son’s pledging experience, you are urged to contact Executive Director Bill Martin or phone him at (859) 255-1848 ext. 135.

What is our mission?

Phi Gamma Delta exists to promote lifelong friendships, to reaffirm high ethical standards and values, and to foster personal development in the pursuit of excellence. Phi Gamma Delta is committed to provide opportunities for each brother to develop responsibility, leadership, scholarship, and social skills in order to become a fully contributing member of society.

Brotherhood is accountability. We strive to achieve excellence as individuals, and as an organization. To achieve this, throughout the year we offer a variety of voluntary educational opportunities and seminars regarding leadership and scholarship to help our brothers achieve success.

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How can I get involved?

Parent and family involvement is crucial to the success of our organization in the long run. We would love to have you come out to one of our philanthropic events or participate in any of our community service activities. There are also ways you can donate money or items that would help us achieve our goals. Additionally, if you want to become more active part of FIJI, ask a brother how you can get involved.

Please see our events page for information regarding upcoming events