Phi Gam Facts

The International Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta

FIJI or Phi Gam

Important Dates

  • May 1, 1848, the Fraternity was founded at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

  • Spring 2015, the Fraternity was expanded to the University of Alabama at Birmingham as a colony

  • April 1, 2017, the colony received its official charter as the Alpha Beta Chapter of the Fraternity


  • 33 undergraduate brothers at UAB

  • 10,000+ undergraduate brothers internationally

  • 180,000+ brothers initiated since 1848

Phi Gam has helped:

Our brothers are courageous leaders who find new and creative ways to help the Birmingham community. If you would like to know more about how we have helped these organizations please feel free check out our events page.


Friendship: We are united by Friendship. It is the basis of our brotherhood. Because of it, we accomplish far more than we do as individuals. Friendship is the sweetest influence.
Knowledge: We promote the pursuit of Knowledge. It is the key to a fuller, richer life. We gain it through education, the harmonious development of the powers of the individual.
Service: We encourage service. We have the ability, the opportunity, and the duty to serve our fellow human beings. Our reward is the satisfaction that comes from serving.
Morality: We believe in Morality. As gentleman of quality, we must do what is right as individuals and as a group. Moral behavior is the basis of society's existence.
Excellence: We strive for excellence. It is attained only when we fulfill our total potential. Mankind benefits when each of us becomes all that we can be.

Mission Statement

The Alpha Beta Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta exists

at the University of Alabama at Birmingham to build

courageous leaders by inculcating a servant’s heart and

a scholar’s mind into every member with the

unbreakable bond of brotherhood.

Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.
— C.S Lewis